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PRACE projects

  • MS-COMB: 2nd regular call, led by V. Moureau, CORIA, stands for "Multi-Scale Analysis and Numerical Strategies for the Simulation of Turbulent Premixed Combustion in Realistic Geometries". The MS-COMB project is dedicated to the understanding of small-scale dynamics occurring in premixed turbulent combustion through a multi-scale analysis, and to the evaluation of numerical strategies to improve the efficiency of large-scale computations and their post-processing. Small-scale dynamics are of primary importance for the prediction of pollutants such as soot or unburned hydrocarbons in gas turbines and automotive engines. Since the small-scale dynamics analysis requires modeling the full range of turbulent and reactive scales, billion-cell meshes are mandatory. Handling such large meshes and solving efficiently the low-Mach Navier-Stokes equations on these meshes is highly challenging.

European projects

  • MONT-BLANC: The objective of the project is to develop an European exascale approach based on embedded power-efficient technology. In this project, CORIA is in charge of porting the YALES2 code to an ARM cluster prototype.

French projects